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Advanced Popup Killer 4.0

Advanced Popup Killer was developed for blocking unwanted pop-up windows
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Nowadays a lot of computer users are active Internet surfers. People usually use the Internet for entertainment or working purposes. One of the most annoying things
about surfing the Internet is pop-up windows that open every time you visit any website. Such pop-up windows usually have advertising content and are really annoying. If you are sick of them you might find Advanced Popup Killer very useful. This small application was developed for blocking unwanted pop-up windows. The program has a very simple principle of operation. When you are surfing the Internet and unwanted pop-up advertisement appears press a defined hotkey combination for adding it into special blocking list and next time it will be automatically closed. If you added any window into the blocking list by a mistake and don’t want to block it anymore then you can easily exclude it from the list using the program's main window. Here you can also define a hotkey combination and customize other features of this application. Also you can activate special sound signals for above-listed actions.

Ilya Barmenkov
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